Video Transcript:
Hey!!! guys welcome back to my channel. Alright, so we talked a lot about skincare, on top of your skin but it’s also important to eat really healthy and certain foods help your skin glow. So today, I’m going to talk to you about the five foods to give you a glowing skin.


Now obviously there are a plethora of healthy foods that we should be incorporating in our diet, if we want to see healthy skin and overall, a healthy body but cantaloupe is particularly good for the skin and the reason why, is because it contains vitamins A and C.

Now, vitamin A, we’ve spoken about before, you can put this on topically and it helps skin regeneration but it also does the same thing if you eat it via fruit, like this one cantaloupe and it’s going to help your skin regenerates, it also has vitamin C, which is involved in the formation of collagen. So, what I like to do is, I like to have cantaloupe often and I do notice that when I eat it often, my skin just more glowing, it just looks healthier. So, I cut it up and I eat it with some egg white in the morning and I find that it’s a really nice breakfast and it really does make a difference. So, here you can see I’m pouring my morning lemon juice with water or lemon water rather and my cantaloupe and that’s a perfect breakfast for healthy skin.


So, the next food for glowing skin is strawberries which are absolutely delicious and such a beautiful fruit and I love them for dessert. Now, strawberries again, just like cantaloupe have tons of vitamin C. Now, studies have shown that people who consume more vitamins C, have fewer wrinkles and less age-related dry skin than those who don’t. Vitamin C helps fight free radicals and free radicals are what damage cells and break down collagen and that’s what leads to firm lines wrinkles. So, if you want smoother, more hydrated skin, you can apply strawberry topically or you can eat them and you’ll notice the difference in your skin.

Green tea

So, the next food or drink rather, that is good for a glowing skin is green tea. Now, we probably, you probably heard this a million times, I know I have, green tea is filled with inflammation fighting antioxidants. So, anti-inflammatory, that’s really important not only in preventing things like cancer but also just an overall health in your body, so make sure to drink some green tea and I have to have decaffeinated for health reasons, my doctor told me that I have to have decaffeinate green tea because, I do love it so much, I can’t give it up but I do have the decaffeinated green pea most nights and it’s just excellent for your skin.

Blueberry chia smoothie

Now this is my blueberry chia smoothie, that I like to make on most mornings. You’re going to need some bananas, I like to get them from the grocery store, peel them and freeze them, that’s going to give it a sweetness. Now, you’re also going to want blueberries, blueberries are excellent for your skin and overall, your health, again, they have tons of antioxidants.

So, I’m going to put lots of blueberries in there, next I’m going to add chia seeds. Chia seeds have eight times more omega-3 than sammon and twenty-five percent more fiber than flaxseed and thirty percent more antioxidants than blueberries.

I like to hydrate them with a little water, so they get like a gelatin feel and then, I put them in there and then, I have coconut water, which is, has tons of electrolytes, four times more potassium than bananas, it’s great for you, very hydrating and then a tiny bit of orange juice, just to give it that tiny kick, it’s going to make it tastes a little bit more like Jamba juice and less of a healthy shake.

So, what I’m going to do is, make this in my magic bullet. What I love about the magic bullet is, it’s quick, you don’t have to pour the contents into a different cup, you just put it right on there, mix it and take that cup. If you’re a busy mom, student, you can have a healthy, good for your skin shake on the go, in less than five minutes, it’s awesome.


Finally, we have salmon, which also has omega-3. It’s an oily fish and oily fish are great for the skin; it hydrates the skin from within. So, my husband and I actually did a collaboration for this video and I made a salmon dish with couscous over on his cooking channel, so if you want to get a recipe for salmon dish that you can do at home, I will put the link below so you can check that out but try to incorporate oily fish into your diet, for a glowing skin. Now obviously, I could’ve mentioned ton more ingredients for healthy skin, but hopefully, you enjoyed these foods and this video. Thanks so much for watching.