Video Transcript:
Hi!!! I’m celebrity makeup artist, Kimberly Bosco, this is my model Tiffany and today I’m going to show you five easy ways to fake a facelift with makeup. As we age, we start losing the definition between the jaw and the neck.

So, the first thing I’m going to do is, put a little bit of shade foundation under the chin. I usually start with a shade that is one shade darker than your skin tone, if you want more drama, then you can go two shades darker. So, I just take my brush and I go right under the chin and I blend out really good, so you don’t see any kind of makeup line where I started and where I’m ending.

So now, I’m applying the same shade color that I applied under the chin and I’m starting right at the bottom of the earlobes and I’m going right directly on her jawline, so I’m not going too far up, just right where the bone is and I’m going to blend a little bit down and a little bit up. It actually is an instant facelift and it last five minutes.

So, the third step is to highlight the top of the cheekbones; I like to use a cream highlighter as opposed to a powder highlighter, you can choose either or but a cream highlighter tends to be more natural and it looks like it’s coming from within the skin, it creates really nice dewy glow as well.

So, I just added to the high of the cheekbones and I top it off with my fingers and I’m going to just bring it a little bit up to the temples as well as right at the bottom of the forehead. To add a little bit of color and definition, you need to definitely put some blush on the cheeks, so I’m adding first to the apples of the cheeks and this gives it a nice rosy effect and then, I just weep it off the cheekbone, into the hairline.

So, the fourth step is contouring the eyes and lifting the eyes; I’m adding a light shimmer color to her eyelid and I’m carrying it up to her brow bone and this is going to give a lifting effect to her eye. Next, I’m adding a taupe or a pan color to the transition area; the transition area is right above the crease. So, we’re not going right in her crease and we’re not going up on the brow bone, we’re going right in between those two areas.

When you get to the endpoint, you want to make sure that you start lifting it up and out. Then, I’m going to take a blending brush and this has no pigment on, so we’re going to go right in the same area and we’re going to just go back and forth, like the wind-chill way promotion and this going to blend out the color and give it a defused look.

So, the second part of lifting the eye, I like to use fur eyelashes. When applying eyelashes, place them on the eye, tap them right into the last line without any glue, because you want to measure first. Whatever is hanging off on the end, is where you’re going to pinch it and this is the part where you’re going to cut it. So, I just added a little bit of glue on the last fan, so I like to take my finger and just tuck it in from underneath and then, I grab the outer ends of the lashes and press firmly but gently, to make sure they’re really stuck on there.

So, the same process, you’re going to go up and under, gorgeous. Another trick I like to do is, curl the eyelashes, it’s more comfortable for the client and it really pops the eyes and opens them up. To finish off the eyes, I’m going to add a pop of eyeliner for added definition. Okay, so the eyes are done, now we’re going to focus on the eyebrows. So, I like to start out at the bottom inner corner and fill this area in. Usually, this area gets a little bit patchy as we age and then, I hop right to the top of the brow and I start filling this in, to create more of an arch instead of focusing on the bottom part, it’ll create more of a lift.

Another way to lift the eyebrows, which is a little trick of mine, as I like to use a flesh-colored pencil and I go right underneath her brow and draw a light line and then I go right above and draw another light line and you can either blend out with your finger or take a concealer brush and blend it out, so it’s nice and diffused and this gives a beautiful lift to the eye and a gorgeous definition and adding a pop of lip gloss, to finish off the look.

So, now you how to fake a facelift with makeup. I’m celebrity makeup artist Kimberly Bosco, I’ll see you on the red carpet.