I had a therapy almost a year ago and it wasn’t actually something that I set out to do but my doctor, someone that I trust implicitly, looked at me and said; you know what? you’ve kind of gotten to a place where things are shifting and I have the perfect remedy for you and it’s not surgical and I said; you know, am in. 

The treatment felt like laser hair removal, it’s a quick pain and then you say; more please. Somehow magically, it’s tightening my skin and also, I believe it’s giving it an even tone. I love telling people about the results that I’ve seen from the ultherapy treatment, initially it and it was almost instantly. There was, honestly this lifted, smoother, tighter feeling to my skin and the way I looked, I had great lift of my eyelids and I think that as time goes on, I’ve noticed like a smoothing out of my skin.

My whole skin care routine has really changed, which is interesting because, I have long been a consumer of every single cream; miracle cream, potent, facials, spa visits on the planet. I mean, I just soak that up like nobody’s business and now, again it’s likely; how many creams do I need to pack to go away? Oh my gouch!!! I’m down to like two creams, seriously because, I just feel like I don’t need it anymore.

I’m 55 years old and so, I actually embrace the most part, the lines on my face but ultherapy has just sort of tightened up, firmed up and lifted up who I am here.