About a year before I had ultherapy, I had another skin tightening procedure and it was focused around my eyes and I didn’t see anything results. When the doctor told me about ultherapy, I was like skeptical because, I’m like but then she explained to me the procedure and how it works and how it’s different from the other, you know, I was like okay, that makes sense.

It started with up, around my eyes, under and last with the cheek, pulling back over here because, my jawline wasn’t there anymore and I noticed that right away, I felt it too. I remember being someplace in an offensive position, doing this and I’m like; oh my God!!! I have a jaw. The best thing was after I had the treatment, I didn’t have to have filler where we normally get it every year, it would last the year for me. I noticed I didn’t have to go back for it.

Now, I feel my inside, myself matches my outer self, it’s all, its complete, you know, it brought me back to where I used to be, now I’m extremely, extremely happy. It worked so quickly for me, even when I went for my six months, you know, the follow-up, they were like, they were blown away by it and it stayed, it’s a year now and you know, sometimes say, I was told, you know, where three years, I’m happy, I don’t need to go, I don’t feel I need to go back. I feel that what I have, is what I wanted and it’s wonderful.