I work in the cosmetics industry and there’s a lot of young people that I’m working with on a daily basis. So, being 46 years old, I feel like I need to, you know, always look my best. I had the area treated right from here, just come underneath my eyes up to my forehead, immediately I saw, you know, small left, especially I have very hooded lids and it was nice.

Again, being in the cosmetics industry, there’s so many shadows and liners that I want to try, but I felt like my lid was constantly covering that, but again, after my treatment, I, like; wow!!! I have an eye lid and it looked good and I noticed that as the weeks went on, that the results just got better and better and better.

It’s something that people can put their finger on, which is what I like, it’s something that it’s natural. I don’t want to look overdone, I don’t want to look tight or fake or old in anyway, so I like that it’s a gradual improvement. Self-confidence is a must, especially in the dating scene in Southern California but after I got the ultherapy treatment, it was great. I just walked a little taller, held a head a little higher and it just, it felt so good and I felt sexy, I felt glamorous and in my business and being single, it’s a must.